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Sibling discount is 20% of tuition off BOTH students' tuition.  

Annual Payments are also eligible for Discounted Rates.  Ask the Center Director for more information.  

Single Session (each scheduled individually) 

$45 per session 

Monthly Payment for 1 session per week 
$160 per month

Monthly Payment for 2 sessions per week

$279 per month

Monthly Payment for 3 sessions per week 

$359 per month

Monthly Payment for 4 times per week 

$399 per month 

Test Prep Sessions are 2 hours in length and $45 per session.  Test Prep can be paid monthly.  

The sessions are scheduled in advance and the total for the number of sessions x $45 per session is calculated.  When the sessions are scheduled, payment will be calculated and invoiced.  Payment is due before sessions begin or at the beginning of each month.  

Monthly payment for 1 time per week

$180 per month 

Monthly payment for 2 time per week
$360 per month (depending on schedule) 

ACT / SAT Test Prep Tuition Rate 

Discounted Tuition Rate 

Tuition & Fees

Standard Tuition 

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