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Does your child spend hours every night, struggling to complete his or her homework?  Does your child have difficulty using information from class to successfully complete assignments?  Does your child complete his or her homework but still receive low grades on the assignments?  Are you just as frustrated with your child with homework?  If so, our Homework Program is a great option for you!  Stop spending your evenings fighting with your child about their homework.  Have your child bring in his or her assignments and our professional tutors will assist your child efficiently and accurately complete their assignments.  We will also reinforce key concepts to help your student master the material.  

The Homework Program is offered for students of all ages.  We have tutors ready to help with all levels of math through Calculus and sciences classes including biology, chemistry, and physics.  Also, the Homework Program can be incorporated into any of our standard programs!   

Kindergarten Program    

Math, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Social Studies, Writing Projects, Language Arts

Writing Program   

Homework Program   

Math Program   

Phonics, Decoding, Sight Words, Comprehension, Fluency, Vocabulary Development

ACT/SAT Test Prep Program

Computational Skills, Word Problems, Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, & College Algebra 

When it comes to your child's education, can you really afford to wait until he or she is having trouble before you start providing assistance?  If you have ever wondered when the right time is to start tutoring, the answer is unquestionably KINDERGARTEN!  

Our Kindergarten Program is intended for children 4 to 6 years old who want to be successful in Kindergarten and beyond.  Depending on your child's individual needs, the program begins where he or she is comfortable and then (as all our programs do) empowers your child to reach his or her fullest potential.  Research shows that students who get a "head start" and acquire knowledge prior to is being presented in the classroom do much better throughout the year and in successive years than students who do not.  The best gift you can give your child is this "head start" so that they can take advantage of being ahead and reach their fullest potential with ease!  

Typical 60 minute session:    
* 30 minutes of phonics  
* 15 minutes of early math skills 

* 15  minutes of writing (hand-writing to sentence structure) 

English, Reading, Math, Science

Letters, Phonics, Sight Words, Hand-writing, Numbers, Counting, Early math Skills

Dyslexia Program starting this summer! 

Reading Program   

Writing Skills, Grammar, Composition, Essays, Essay Exams, College Application Essays

Our fast-paced math program will increase your child's computation and problem-solving skills for long term success.  It will also prepare your child for immediate classroom success like daily assignments and chapter tests, so he or she can be more prepared for class and earn better grades.  Our Math Program works on the concepts your child is working on in class right now.  From this starting point, we will cover any background skills that your child may be lacking and be sure they are prepared for what is coming next.  We will also make sure your child has memorized his or her addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division facts - a component of math that is critical for long-term success.  

Typical 60 minute session:    

* 30 minutes going over homework and securing the lessons your child's class is working on right now.  

* 15 minutes covering background skills needed to bolster the work they are doing in class and reduce the time it takes for your child to complete their assignments.  

* 15  minutes preparing for upcoming tests or looking forward to the next section 

(Note: All programs are individualized for each student.  This is only an example.) 

Today's students will need computational skills more than ever.  They will need solid knowledge and understanding of upper level math concepts.  We want to make sure they are comfortable preforming math skills and have the confidence to use them! 

Wouldn't you love for your child to read faster and with better comprehension?  Our Reading Program follows a proven system for recognition and accuracy to help your child improve dramatically in the areas of reading comprehension, phonics, sight words, and vocabulary.  Our reading program is designed to help your child improve one full grade level every six months of enrollment if your child attends at least 2 sessions each week.  Imagine your child reading ahead of grade level!  

Typical 60 minute session - K to 3rd:    

* 30 minutes of phonics  

* 15 minutes of writing sentences and grammar 

* 15  minutes of reading comprehension  

Typical 60 minute session - 4th to 8th:    
* 30 minutes of reading comprehension   
* 15 minutes of writing, grammar, essay structure

* 15 minutes of vocabulary development

Because we typically include writing, this program will help your child make remarkable progress with writing composition and Language Arts.  We provide your child with a very structured approach to writing that may not be offered at your child's school.  The Reading Program includes substantial practice with sentences, paragraphs, essays, punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.  If your child is having difficulty with Social Studies or Science, this program will really help them finish faster and with better accuracy!  

This program will help your child with their writing skills in the areas of grammar, essay writing, and organizing their ideas to outline format and getting started with their writing.  The program also improves their reading comprehension.  The Writing Program is designed to help your child improve one full grade level every six months of enrollment if he or she attends at least two sessions per week.  

Specific essay writing, like college application essays, can be scheduled with our writing instructors on an individual session basis.  

Our Test Prep Program gives student the advantage of one-to-one instruction in a controlled environment for a fraction of the cost of our competitors.  In today's competitive academic environment, getting your child prepared for the ACT or SAT College Admissions Test if vital to being accepted into the college or your choice.  Raising your child's score may make him or her eligible for scholarships saving parents THOUSANDS of dollars!  

Highly proven curriculum provided by our trained instructors include individualized programs to develop the knowledge and test taking strategies necessary to perform well on the ACT and/or the SAT Test!