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Edwardsville Tutoring Center

Dyslexia Program starting this summer! 

Can you help my child if s/he has a learning disability?  

How do I decide which Program is right for my child? 

A great first step to determining which Program is right for your child is to schedule a Diagnostic Assessment.  The Diagnostic Assessment provides useful information about what knowledge you child has retained and what areas s/he could improve.  The Preliminary KTEA Assessment and accompanying Parent Consultation are free of charge and free of obligation, so call us today to schedule your child!  

Absolutely! Edwardsville Tutoring works to create a unique program for you child to increase concentration, attention span, and focus while strengthening academic skills.  As mentioned above, our instructors work with our students individually so maintaining the student's attention and focus is easily done.  We break the session into 3 sections so the lesson itself is varied in order to keep the student engaged for the entire hour.  If we notice the student is loosing focus, we can change activities so the student is fully engaged again and focus returns.  

Definitely!  Edwardsville Tutoring has instructors trained to work with students of all abilities.  The instructors are knowledgeable about strategies to teach students who learn in a variety of ways.  Because our instructors work with our students individually, they are successful in engaging students in teaching methods that are the most beneficial to each individual student.  We are passionate about helping all students succeed!   

Edwardsville Tutoring offers sessions Monday through Thursday at 2:30, 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, 6:30, and 7:30 pm.  Saturday sessions start at 9:30 am and usually go through 12:30 pm.  ACT or SAT Test Prep sessions may go later in the afternoon, as they are scheduled individually.  Other session times may be made by appointment.  

Yes! Edwardsville Tutoring is open year-round.  We encourage students to continue attending tutoring sessions during the summer break.  Summer is a great time to get ahead and start the next school year off ahead of their peers, rather than forgetting what they learned in the previous grade.  Starting in 2017 we will be offering a Reading  and Writing Clinic and a Math Attack program.  Give us a call to find out more about it!  

What times do you schedule sessions?

Yes! At Edwardsville Tutoring we customize your child's program to incorporate academic skills from multiple Programs.  

Can you help my child if s/he has ADD, ADHD, or other concentration problems?  

Is Edwardsville Tutoring open year-round?  

Have more questions?

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Can my child be enrolled in more than one program?